The Smoothie I Make EVERY Morning

March 23, 2022

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The smoothie I make EVERY morning is from celebrity nutritionist and authors Kelly LeVeque.

Kelly LeVeque → @ bewellbykelly on Instagram, check her out. I have both of Kelly’s books which have lots of her recipes. Her Instagram is also choc-full of great recipe content (healthy egg roll stir fry, yes please).

the smoothies I make EVERY morning

Kelly’s general smoothie rule is:

protein – protein powder (I use Kelly’s Chocolate Protein Powder linked here)

healthy fat – avocado, MCT oil, olive oil

fiber – hemp hearts or chia

greens – frozen spinach

An optional small handful of fruit (I tend to opt-out of this other than occasional blueberries)

my two favorite fab 4 smoothies are:

Smoothie ONE

almond milk – your choice, I go for unsweetened original and switch up the brands

spinach – Frozen is easier than fresh for me, and is usable whenever

chocolate protein powder

ashwagandha powder (hi stress 👋)

hemp seeds and/or chia seeds

MCT oil

Pumpkin pie spice & turmeric

Smoothie TWO

almond milk


chocolate protein powder

ashwagandha powder

hemp seeds and/or chia seeds

cocoa nibs

olive oil

pinch of sea salt

I blend them up in my favorite kitchen tool, my trusty Vitamix and then I’m off to start my day. I really try to start my day off with one of these smoothies EVERY day because it puts you on the right foot. Plus, they keep me satiated for about 4 to 6 hours after. This plays into my morning routine right after my morning workout and simultaneously while I make my morning coffee.

I’ve gotten my parents addicted to these morning smoothies, and told pretty much any friend that would listen to me for more than a minute. So much less to say, if you give them a shot, I’d love to hear your thoughts. Plus, I can’t recommend enough checking out all of Kelly’s resources, they’re SO helpful.

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